To go fishing and to spend the day on the water the Eastport 32 is perfect, it has lots of space and is very comfortable in any sea. The perfect boat for the Florida Keys.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hull #10 -  Vincenzo Onorato 

​Tom, It was great to catch up with you at the Annapolis Boat Show. I can't believe that's its been three years since our Eastport 32 " Volare" was delivered to us in Southern Maryland. After many years as sailors and a few more as powerboat owners, we had a wish list when we went looking for a new boat. We looked for three years for a larger boat to replace our 2001 Albin 28. We were on every cruising boat between 31 and 34 feet that showed up for the fall boat shows. What initially sold us on the Eastport was the spacious design both above and below deck. My height of inches 6 feet 3 inches was not an issue because of the queen-size berth, the 6'7" pilot house, and good size head.
Also we loved the ability to select the colors, equipment, and other options to make our boat unique and suit our boating needs. We were also impressed with the quality of hull #1 and the way she handled during our sea trial.
Finally only drawing 22inches was a big plus because we have very little water depth at low tide and have to be able to get "Volare" on our lift.

Because of our busy schedules, we primarily use "Volare" as a day boat and weekender on the Potomac River where we live. She is a very comfortable boat for those many overnighters on the hook. But we also take her cruising on the Bay for a week to ten days. We have had her out in some very bad weather and she has always done well. When we are at a marina, we always receive many compliments on the boat's layout and overall design. Because the boat is kept on a lift and the bottom is not painted, and the sides are AWLGRIPed she is a breeze to maintain (disclaimer to follow). My teenage grandson is always in need of cash and has waxed the bottom for the past three years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jim Bershon - Volare, Eastport 32 Hull #7


I just got back from 14 days in the Bahamas.  The Gandy Dancer performed like a dream.  Brad and I made the run over in exactly 7.5 hours.  We burned about 100 gallons running at 3550 rpms at 26 kts. in smooth seas.
During our visit to our place in Treasure Cay we made an overnight trip to Elbow Cay.  After getting tied up at the marina I had a gaggle of people checking out the Eastport 32.  One of the persons was the grand daughter of the founder of Huckins Boats in Jacksonville, FL.  She loved the boat and was most impressed.  Another man is a custom boat builder in Miami and was very interested in the boat and was equally impressed.  A boat captain approached me and said “this is the best island boat I have ever seen.”  So to say we were the hit of the Sea Spray Marina would be an accurate statement (note we were surrounded by huge sport fishing boats, Marlow’s, etc).
We spent 13 days island hopping each day.  We were fishing, snorkeling, dinner cruises, etc.  At the end of that period I filled up again ..a whopping 96 gallons!  So I burned in two weeks what I used to burn in ONE HOUR!  Brad and I were so impressed we had another Rum drink in celebration of our great choice.  I thought you might like a mid summer report
Regards, Buz                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hull  # 12 Howard McCall


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We trusted Tom Weaver and Mick Price and became the proud owners of Eastport 32, Hull #1. The boat did everything they said it would. From Annapolis, we took the boat to Key West and back and as far North as Martha’s Vineyard. After 5 years and 1,500 hours on the boat, we sold the boat for what we paid for it. Doesn’t get any better than that!

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hull # 1 -Dick & Barbara Neville